Build stunning interfaces in no time with our UI Design crash course for no-coders

Learn the fundamentals of UI design and create professional-looking interfaces that will convert your customers

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The problem

  • Are you struggling to create good looking interfaces with your no-code tools?
  • Do your builds look "template-y" or "janky"?
  • Are you tired of trial and error with colors, fonts, and alignments?

💡 The first thing your users notice is the look and feel of your build

  • Good design adds an element of trust and allows them to use your app easily.
  • Bad design makes for a jarring experience and distracts from the value you’re trying to communicate to them.

Who is this for?

  • 👍 No-coders who want to level up their design skills without spending too much time away from shipping features
  • ❌ It is NOT for people who want to pursue a career in design and require an in-depth curriculum

Learn by following my process

Forget traditional video courses that teach you the theory behind design and take forever to complete. 

I summarise years of design experience into two easy to follow checklists with supporting images/videos, so you can apply practical knowledge directly on your build. All in an accessible Notion document.


Checklist 01

Minimum viable branding

Step by step guide on how to come up with a decent brand in no-time. 

Checklist 02

Train your eye for UI

I break down key design principles to help you review your UI design and ensure it is pleasant on the eyes.

Bonus material

Free design resources

Links to tried and true free assets — fonts, icons, plug-ins that help speed up time spent on design.


Made for busy no-coders

Most UI design courses take months to finish and focus on design mastery. But as a fellow no-coder, I know that you don't have time for that. That's why I'm sharing my speedy and fail-proof Branding and UI checklist that will help you create stunning interfaces in no time

Improve your project as you learn

Apply design exercises on your chosen no-code build, so you are actively improving your build while you learn

Temporary guidance

Use this checklist as a guide whenever you are starting a new brand or can't quite figure out what's off with your UI. Eventually, you'll know the process by heart and won't require the document any more!

Hi, I'm Shu 👋 a designer turned no-coder

I have 8 years of experience in digital design, and I've been using no-code tools since 2019 to build my own ventures. I'm passionate about helping no-coders create stunning MVPs that look professional and polished without spending too much time away from shipping key features.

Sample of my no-code builds

What happy customers are saying

I've designed a lot of ugly sites. While I have found that no code makes it easy to build things, it is harder than ever to build something that looks great. This course was the exact course I needed to understand how to design better looking no-code products. I give this course a 10/10 - I highly recommend. 

Sola Lawal


Shu's knowledge in design make her great person to learn from, and her personality makes it an absolute joy. I lacked any sort of design system and self-control, which I now have. Highly recommended!

Filip Lysikowski

Co-Founder at Every Good Idea

I wanted to have better designs for my projects and the design crash course delivered and more. If you want to up your no code game to the next level, this course will help you create beautiful branded projects.

Omar Hendy

Founder at | Fullstack bubble Dev

Shu’s course is great resource to help you navigate through the branding and design process. Geared towards No-Code developers, it gives you a clear path to developing your eye for design.

Brent Heslop

Product Designer

Skill up in design while you build

Was $120 discount valid thru 16/06/2024


The countdown is over!


When will I receive the document?

You'll receive it immediately upon payment in your email inbox. This email is automated so give it a few minutes. If you still haven't received anything, feel free to reach out at shu.phoon(at)gmail(dot)com

Are refunds available?

If you're not happy with your purchase, you can request for a refund within 14 days of your payment transaction.

Do you cover UX (User Experience) Design?

No, this is strictly User Interface (UI) Design fundamentals.

If there is enough interest in this info product I may consider working on UX for No-Coders!

Can I duplicate the Notion doc?

Sure! It might make it easier for you to take your own notes, and you can access it from wherever you choose to file it in your Notion DB.

All I ask is to not redistribute to others or resell as your own!

Special thanks and attributions to Marie Boiseau for the lovely GIFs that brighten up this page